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  1. Is my package booking ATOL protected?

    We protect our customers in a number of ways.  All packages booked with Born to Travel Holidays, either online or offline, are ATOL protected. 


    Where a package is booked with an ATOL bonded tour operator the name and licence number of the ATOL holder responsible for your holiday will be shown on your confirmation invoice.


    If you create your own package using the 'Flight and Accommodation' tab then this is known as 'Dynamic Packaging' or 'DIY packaging'.  The package you create will be ATOL protected by The Global Travel Group under ATOL 3971.  This protection will apply to every element of the package you book including flights, accommodation, transfers and extras such as airport parking, attraction tickets etc.


    Be aware that ATOL protection only extends to packages that include a flight and accommodation (and/or other services) booked together at the same time.  It does not apply to individually booked items.  For instance, if you only book a hotel room on this website it will not be covered by ATOL protection. 


    Flight only bookings (without accommodation and/or other services) are not ATOL protected.  However, our airline booking partners include a compulsory Airline Failure Insurance policy with every flight only booking.  This provides a certain level of protection against the failure of the airline.  More information is available if required.

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  2. What is Airline Failure Insurance?

    There are two types of policy - Scheduled Airline Failure Insurance (SAFI) and Airline Failure Insurance (AFI).  The latter applies to all non-scheduled airline services such as charters and low cost carriers.  Essentially both policies are identicial in their cover.


    (S)AFI covers you if the airline you have booked with suffers financial failure.  It does not replace ATOL protection for packages and only applies to flight-only bookings.


    As a general rule the policy protects any money you pay to the airline or any money we pay on to the airline on your behalf up to the time of departure.  If an airline fails then you would claim for the money paid.


    If an airline fails after departure then, generally, the insurance would ensure you are returned to your original point of departure in the UK or that you can continue your journey as planned, whichever is most appropriate.


    More information about the insurance can be provided on request.

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  3. Is my money safe with Born to Travel Holidays?


    Born to Travel Holidays as a member of the Global Travel Group, utilise a secure, protected customer account to ensure that our customers' money is safe.


    All credit card payments are immediately lodged in The Global Travel Groups' Client Account, an independently administered trust account, until they are paid directly to the airline/tour operator or other supplier in line with the terms and conditions of our contracts with them.  It is not possible for money you have paid to be used for anything other than paying suppliers for your individual holiday.


    The Global Travel Group's Consumer Protection Guarantee means that customers can be confident that their holiday and their money is perfectly secure when they book with Born to Travel Holidays and The Global Travel Group.

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